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Between photo shoots of himself clearing brush, somehow POTUS managed to get some work in.  Does anyone have any information on Notre Dame’s holdings in companies that are active in Sudan? 

Mugabe According to the Washington Post, the International Crisis Group is backing a new plan to “save” Zimbabwe.  Just what is this silver bullet, you ask?  The plan calls for Robert Mugabe to live out his golden years in peace, with all the silver and gold he has allegedly plundered from international donors while his “liberated” country has sunk deeper and deeper into despair.  In addition to keeping his booty, the plan calls for the originator of “the right to bash” to receive full amnesty.

Is this the best that the human rights community can offer the people of Zimbabwe?  Do Zimbabwe’s neighbors — who admittedly are paying a price for Mugabe’s deeds by taking in hundreds of thousands of refugees — have the right to hide Mugabe from prosecution?

The enormous international relief agency, CARE, has turned down $45m of federal funding which would have required CARE to use subsidized American products for food aid rather than locally grown products. The federal funding for food aid has been controversial lately, as selling American-grown food often has a negative effect on the local economy as the subsidized American products compete with local farmers, essentially giving a man the proverbial fish so he can eat for a day rather than teaching him to fish so he can eat for a lifetime.

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